Home Interior Design & Renovation – A step by step practical guide from Design to Execution for DIY Projects

You want to renovate your home and have been endlessly browsing through images on Pinterest. You have saved a lot of these images and possibly got lucky to find few free ebooks online which claim to tell you about Interior Design. But are you still not sure how to move forward?

'Home Interior Design & Renovation' is a very widely discussed topic, but most of the free e-books and blogs found online on Home Interior Design simply offer a collection of attractive images! However, if you are planning to take up the project of your own Home Interior Design without any prior experience or formal knowledge, then you have to look above and beyond these pretty pictures!

Any Interior (or Architectural) project requires a very intricate planning and execution process. Many people (I know of) have a collection of photos based on which they initiate their projects - but they very often get stuck mid-way. Why, because they thought that just reference image is good enough for them to successfully complete their projects.

Being a professional designer, I have always tried to develop a structured planning & execution process that is required for Interior Projects. And over the past 10 years of my professional experience, I had to unlearn and relearn a lot of concepts that we were taught in the design school (Click Here to view my Portfolio)!!

I am glad to announce that I have recently written a book on

'Home Interior Design & Renovation : A step by step practical guide from Design to Execution for DIY Projects'

which has been exclusively published on Kindle and is available on Amazon!!

This book on ‘Home Interior Design & Renovation’, is an attempt to guide the homeowners about the entire process of renovation (or makeover) - from Design to Execution! The book has been written while focusing on homeowners who have no (or very little) prior experience of Home Renovation, therefore touches on some very fundamental points.

This book will break down in entire process of Design & Project Execution into small sections, which will give a complete walk-through of the complete process of Interior renovation. Apart from sharing Interior Design Concepts via reference images, this book also contains numerous Technical Working Drawings for reader’s reference. The book has been divided into following sections :


  1. Conceptual Planning Phase

  • - Site Analysis
  • - Identifying spaces with good design potential
  • - Know your Style
  • - Seeking Design Inspiration
  • - Creating mood board/color palette
  • - Consolidation of design ideas


  1. Designing Phase

  • - Sketching out a Bubble diagram/Zoning Plan
  • - Refinement of zoning plan to a detailed plan - Sketching or CAD Drafting
  • - Preparing Construction Drawings - Civil Layout Plan, Services Drawings (Plumbing Layout, Electrical Layout - Lighting design, AC Layout, Home Automation, Security System), Interior Drawings (Furniture Layout Plan, False Ceiling Plan, Flooring Plan, Wall Elevations, Wall treatment/finishing layout, Toilet & Kitchen Drawings, Carpentry Drawings, Material Specifications Sheet), Layout for Bought-Out Items
  • - 3D Visualisation - to bring everything together


  1. Pre-Construction & Documentation Phase

  • - Taking necessary approvals from the authorities
  • - Preparing your Budgetary Estimate
  • - Identifying number of agencies to be involved in the project
  • - Project Scheduling - Gantt Chart
  • - Preparing contracts (& BOQs) for various agencies
  • - Appointment of Contractors/Agencies
  • - Procurement Planning


  1. Execution Phase

  • - Following your Gantt Chart
  • - Mobilisation of Contractors on site
  • - Coordination amongst contractors
  • - Checkpoints before covering up concealed works
  • - Quality Checks
  • - Bottleneck Analysis
  • - Scheduling Site Review Meetings & preparing MOM
  • - Checking (Running) Bills of contractors


  1. Project Closure Phase

  • - Final Site Inspection for pending works/quality issues
  • - Settlement of Contractors bills
  • - Record Keeping - Drawings & Photographs, Contracts with various Contractors/Agencies, Certificates for quality assurance/guarantee issued by Contractors, Final Bills


I strongly recommend the readers to follow all the steps mentioned in the book to get complete control over their project and turn their house into their ‘Dream-Home’!