Say NO to free Design

No Free Design

To all those clients who expect architects and interior designers to share the complete design concept & detailed presentation before appointing them (or giving any token advance) :-

Do you go to restaurants and have the starters free of cost before deciding whether you will have the main course there or not???

Just to elaborate on my point I would like to share the following incidence : I got a call from a developer who also happens to own a car dealership. After initial discussions he asked us to submit a design proposal (for a commercial development), to which I requested for our token advance payment. And what he said afterwards was unacceptable to me! He said — ‘I own a car dealership, I invite my clients to come and see the cars, take a test drive and then let them decide if they wish to buy it or not. So why don’t you submit your design proposal and then I will decide if I want to go ahead with you or not.’ My response to this was similar to what I have mentioned in my post – and no I did not regret saying that to him!!!

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