Terrace Garden Inspiration (with 100+ Concepts)

If you have a studio apartment with a roof terrace or balcony– it’s a gift! Creative Designers create amazing terraces gardens of different styles, with gardens, fireplaces and dining zones. Here you may spend the most relaxing, wonderful and philosophic moments of your life. If the surrounding nature is picturesque, enjoy a calm dinner with candles; if you live in a big city – the light of the night city would be great! A wooden deck is a classical variant, add some modern furniture and a glass fireplace – and the relaxation zone is ready! Forged furniture would look amazing in combination with gardens and plants in pots.

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Needless to say, there is no better place than a terrace garden for enjoying the sun and fresh air. When talking about the garden, maybe the first coming to your mind is the vast grass, lush flowers and the magnificent water features as well as comfortable garden benches and much more. But for those of you who live in a small apartment, that is too luxury to reach. Are you planning to give up your dream of garden? Have you forgotten your balcony?

In fact, there are lots of inspiring ideas of balcony garden you can learn from. Regardless of how pocket your balcony is, with some bold and smart ideas, you can have a small outdoor oasis that full of life. Lovely pots with flowers, bright fabrics, decorative pillows and painted floor can make your small balcony garden look colorful and lively. If the space is available, you can also put a small hammock or comfortable sofa there. Then you can enjoy your spare time. In the evening, the cute candle lanterns will make your mini garden more romantic and mysterious.

Look for some more ideas below and choose your terrace garden design (from over 100+ Concepts)!

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** Images have been collected over the internet from various sources like Archi Arts


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