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This the collection of fresh, completely livable contemporary houses that make modern living easier and more handsome than ever before. Large windows, open spaces, the latest innovations in construction and a wide use of materials help instill each contemporary home with its own unique style. Whether you’re  looking to build a sleek, clean cut glass home of impressive proportions, a simple sanctuary with bold geometric shapes  – or even an updated traditional home with attractively designed angles: this selection of contemporary and modern home plans contains the diverse mix of features that will blow you away.

The contemporary collection boasts homes designed around light and space: open, airy and with an abundance of windows in various styles, these homes are generously appointed to bring ample light indoors. Unique rooflines and asymmetrical designs create rooms that feel as grand as they are innovative. With a focus on maximizing square footage and minimizing costs, these pioneering modern homes are as reasonable to build as they are pleasant to live in.

Best of all, with various sizes and features to choose from, our contemporary homes tailor modern style to your own individual tastes, which makes building one of our homes just as approachable as its modern-day design.

The term contemporary architecture is also applied to a range of styles of recently built structures and space which are optimized for current use. The concept of modernism is a central theme in the efforts of 20th century modern architecture. Gaining global popularity especially after the Second World War, architectural modernism was adopted by many architects and architectural educators, and continued as a dominant architectural style for institutional and corporate buildings into the 21st century.

Contemporary-Modern design is characterized by clean, simple lines, a minimum of decoration, lots of glass, and flat or shed rooflines. Many feature unusual open floor plans and Indoor/outdoor living spaces.

Browse contemporary, modern house plans with an emphasis on modern materials, such as metal and glass, and open floor plans…


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